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Skill Cut Prize Vending Machine

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    Guangdong, China (Mainland)

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skill cut prize vending machine




Skill Cut is the self-developed new machine from Neofuns Amusement.


Here introduce you how to play:


First of all, Inserting the coins then game begins, move the joystick left and right to control the scissor  to aim the string accurately. After that, long press the button to control it move forward, once you loose the button the scissor will stop immediately then begin to cut the string, Finally the prize will drop down after cutting out the string.


This is a kind of machine that make the players should get good used of their outsight and agilitym to win the big prize , which is such an exciting game. This game machine is welcome to the game players around the world because of its new menthod to play and with big attractive winner prize. Most of the position controller feedback that is a good machine to earn popularity and can do more than 500coins a day.




1. Fresh way to play Big cabinet can get the big prize 

2. Attracitve music by the loudspeaker box

3. Sensational user experience

4. Attractive lighting along with the pretty appearance

5. OEM and ODM are available.


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