Where to Buy the Best Claw Machines? (USA)



Claw machines are the pride and joy of many arcade game lovers. They have been a token arcade game for those who enjoy the joy of grabbing a prize with a hanging claw for years.


Though the claw machine was first built in 1893, it was not released to the public as a game until 1923. After that, the very first claw machine the most closely resembles the modern claw machine was built in the early 1930s by a man named William Barlett and have remained popular ever since.


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Top Claw Machine Sellers in the USA


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Though claw machines are widely popularized in the arcade game realm, good quality claw machines are hard to find. There are so many companies in the modern era of technology that sell claw machines that, in order to find the good ones, you must dig through a ton of other options.

Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top claw machine sellers that are located in the USA so that you can get a high-quality claw machine to add to your collection.


1. S&B


S&B claw machine manufacturer


Introduction: S&B Sales was one of the earliest companies to produce claw machines and arcade games and first began in 1993. In fact, they were the first to produce the “Win Every Time” machine which changed the game of arcade games. They are more than just a claw machine company, however. On top of selling the parts to create a claw machine, they also sell claw machine and arcade machine gifts such as candy, tickets, and accessories. Because of this, S&B is a one-stop shop for arcade lovers alike.


Recommended Claw Machine: The newest lineup of claw machines from the S&B Company features a wide range of color changing claw machines. These are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Out of this group of new and innovative arcade claw machines, the30” Route 66 Plush & Ball Crane is the recommended machine. This machine captures the nostalgia and beauty of the famous Route 66 through color-changing LED lights and beautiful artwork.


Route 66 Claw Machine


Pros and Cons of the Route 66 Claw Machine: As with every company, there are pros and cons to buying claw machines such as the one recommended above, though the pros much outweigh the cons. Below are the potential pros and cons to choosing this machine:




 – It is eye-catching with bright and vibrant colors

 – It has a 100% skill option offered

 – It has a full glass door display to have storefront appeal




 – The price may be more expensive

 – It may be too large for certain spaces because it is 30”


Advice to Buyers:  Since S&B is a one-stop shop that has everything you can ever need and want for a claw machine, my recommendation to you is to do your research before investing. Make sure that you know exactly what you want before you go out and purchase it on a whim. Take careful consideration, weigh your options, and decide from there so that you have no regrets later.




3. Ice


ice arcade logo


Introduction: Ice is an arcade game company that not only specializes in the creation of claw machines and arcade machines but is also widely known for how high-quality each and every one of their machines are. There are not as many claw machine options with Ice, but the options they do have are high quality.


Recommended Claw Machine: When scouring their website, there appears to be only two claw machines available, though both are recommended. The recommended claw machine of the two is the 42” Grab N’ Win.In this machine, you can place any prizes of your choice, so it offers you some freedom in what you want included. On top of that, it has eye-grabbing LED lights and custom audio options so that you can customize this machine to suit all of your needs.


the Grab N’ Win Machine


Pros and Cons of the Grab N’ Win Machine: This machine has a lot of pros and not so many cons. Below are the pros and cons of the 42” Grab N’ Win Machine. 




 – It is customizable in terms of prizes, lighting, and music

 – It is less expensive than many other crane games in the same variety

 – It allows you to customize the settings of the crane




 – It does not come with prizes in it


Advice to Buyers: Since they don’t have as many options as other more established companies do, my suggestion to buys is that you know for certain that this is the exact machine that you want to spend money on rather than looking for a wider variety of options.


4. Smart


smart arcade manufacturer


Introduction: After the producers of Smart Company realized how large the market was for claw machines and arcade machines, they decided to get into this booming area as well. Prior to that, in the year 1963, Smart was a traveling amusement operating company that expanded into the machine games in the year 1985. To do so, they began to invest a lot of money into developing and producing claw machines. Through their hard work, they achieved success and are not one of the most popular entertainment operation companies specializing in claw machines. They have revolutionized the claw machine industry and continue to do so to this day.


Recommended Claw Machine: There are many claw games to choose from with Smart Industries, but the most eye-catching and interesting is theCandy Crane House. The Candy Crane House machine is a larger machine that catches the attention of everyone around with its vibrant purple and red colors.


the Candy Crane House


Pros and Cons of the Candy Crane House: With this machine, just as every other machine, comes pros and cons. Below are the pros and cons of the Candy Crane House Machine: 




 – It is bright and vibrant in color

 – It has the option to do ‘Play Till’ You Win’

 – It has a one-year warranty upon purchase

 – It has a full-front illumination feature




 – It is not clarified what kinds of prizes can be used

 – It is not clear glass but is instead fully purple


Advice to Buyers: My advice to buyers is to not be turned away by the appearance of the website. At first glance, it looks like an advertisement that popped up on your screen, but with further examination, it can be found that the website is actually very easy to navigate.


5. Sega


sega logo


Introduction: Sega, though they are not run by Americans and are instead a Japanese arcade game company, have a branch office that is located in the United States. Sega, much like S&B sells a variety of items such as prizes and merchandise and has a very large reputation to back them up. They sell a variety of claw machines and arcade machines so you have a variety of options to choose from.


Recommended Vending Machine: Through the many options of vending machines offered by Sega, the top recommended vending machine is the Key Master – Winner Every Time because it allows children and teens to continue playing until they win. This makes them more willing to come back and play that game again since they are guaranteed a prize. 


key master prize vending machine


Pros and Cons of Sega: The Key Master has many pros and cons listed below:




 – There are two different sizes to choose from

 – There is a ‘win every time’ option to maximize product engagement

 – It is bright and vibrant to attract people to play it




 – If you want to one, you need a larger space to place it


Advice to Buyers: My advice to buyers is to ignore the low quality of the photos on the website and read the descriptions instead. The photos can be deceiving and given that Sega has a great reputation, their photos do not show the true quality of these machines.


6. Primetime


primetime logo


Introduction: Primetime, an arcade game sales company that was founded in 1992 in Florida, has established their very own game production plant. Along with that, they are also agents for many brand arcade game companies. On top of selling claw machines and other arcade games, Primetime is known for their sales and rental services.


Recommended Claw Machine: One of the most eye-catching and intriguing claw machines on the Primetime site is the BarberCut Lite. It takes a new spin on a claw game because instead of having to pick something up with a claw, you have to control the crane to cut something with scissors. This is a fun and intriguing game that takes claw machines to a whole new level.


BarberCut Lite


Pros and Cons of BarberCut Lite: As with all of the other arcade machines and games, here are the pros and cons for the BarberCut Lite:




 – It is bright and vibrant with white and neon colors that attract people to play it

 – It takes a new and interesting spin on claw machine games




 – It is not a traditional ‘claw’ game

 – It is really heavy and harder to transport


Advice to Buyers: For this website and company, the key to navigating the website is to be patient. You will have to wade through some other games, but you will eventually find the claw games hidden among the rest of the games.


7. BMIGaming


bmigaming logo


Introduction: BMIGaming is not only a global arcade game company, but also an amusement, motion right, motion simulator, and virtual reality distributor. Through this, they reach various channels of gaming and contribute to a wide audience rather than just claw machine enthusiasts.


Recommended Claw Machine: If you are looking for an aesthetic and interesting claw game to add to your collection, the Telephone Plush game is the answer for you. It resembles an old-fashioned telephone booth with the bright red coloration and eclectic


the Telephone Plush Game


Pros and Cons of the Telephone Plush Game: The pros and cons for this game are listed below:




 – It is eye-catching and very vibrant to look at

 – You can add any plush toys into it

 – It has customizable lighting and pricing options




 – It is not as lit up as other machines


Advice to Buyers: With BMIGaming, my advice to you as the buyer is to find the machine that calls to you the most since there are so many options and call to speak to someone about how reliable they are.