Top 7 wholesale claw machine manufacturer (china)

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Introduce the manufacturer of the Chinese claw machines in detail and provide suggestions for the purchase of these machines.


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• Why choose china claw machine?


• Top 7 wholesale claw machine manufacturer in the china



Why choose china claw machine?


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1. An affordable price


An affordable price is one of the most important reasons for buyers to choose Chinese claw machines. In China, there are raw materials and labor which are relatively cheap, and in turn, the production cost of a claw machine is less than one-fifth of the cost of producing one in Europe and America.


2. A relatively high quality


Why are there so many manufacturers of arcade games in Southeast Asia, yet those of China are mainly chosen? Another important reason is that the quality of such equipment is comparable to that of Europe and the United States. It also exceeds those produced in India, Malaysia and the Philippines.


Workers in Chinese factories can only formally work after a series of strict training. The equipment produced have to pass layers of inspection before it can eventually pass the audit.
Therefore, since they have an affordable price and a high quality, it is the main reason for attracting buyers to buy Chinese claw machines.


Top 7 wholesale claw machine manufacturer in the china




Wahlap was founded in the 1990s, and is one of the earliest game manufacturers in China.


Most of the main arcade game products are with the European style, and since a long time ago, the global market has been targeted, in order to fabricate arcade games delicately. In the early 2000s, Chinese manufacturers started to work with large-scale game developers such as Sega, Namco Amusements, also to contract some of these companies’ arcade equipment. The manufacturers also started to introduce arcade games from these mainstream game companies to the Chinese market.


Among them, the dance game (Danz Base), the racing game (arcade stage 5) and the sh

ooting game (The House Of the Dead) all attracted a lot of noise in China.


Wahlap also has a claw machine in the category of vending machines. However, because of the low profitability of this sort of equipment, Wahlap did not spend a lot of effort. In turn, there are not many types of claw machines of Wahlap. 


Even so, there is a top-notch quality of the Wahlap claw machines. Even comparing with some well-known manufacturers in Europe and America, they’re very outstanding. In terms of price, it has to match with its first-class brand undoubtedly. Among the many manufacturers in China, the price of claw machines would be the highest.


If you put the brand and quality of claw machines as top priority, and have sufficient budget, then I’d suggest you buy claw machines from Wahlap.


wahlap claw machine




Neofuns is an arcade game company established in 2003. It was originally a Sino-foreign joint venture company. After the financial crisis in 2008, it became a domestically owned enterprise.


Neofuns is a company specialized in the research, development and production of prize vending machines. Initially, the company was mainly focused on the Chinese market. Later, the price of vending machines, such as claw machines, rose sharply in the European and American markets. Neofuns relied on this market, took the advantages of its low price and high quality, and successfully entered the European and American markets. It established an excellent reputation in the industry by 2010.


In terms of product appearance and performance, claw machines of Neofuns have always used the technical methods provided by the original US joint ventures. Therefore, most claw machines have successfully maintained the first level in the market. In 2017, with its main vending machine (skill cut), the company contributed to a small peak in the market, and it became the leading enterprise of vending machines in the Chinese market.


Thanks to the high quality of its claw machines its perfect after-sales system, and its relatively low price in the whole market, Neofuns has become the best choice for vending machine purchasers in the world, especially for buyers with a limited budget. Its claw machines generally have a better economical value.


neofuns claw machine wholesale




Dreamfuns is a new arcade game company in China. Its style is different from most companies. It has attracted a large number of Chinese fans with its pure Japanese-styled equipment. It also opens up a new world in China with the second dimension of game machines.


The claw machines of Dreamfuns is nearer to the Japanese-style plastic claws. Most of the gifts are Japanese hand-made gifts, which may be slightly different from the those required in Europe and America. Also, the company’s claw machine has a darker style, if the color of your venue is relatively dim, then the company’s claw machines would be a good choice for you.


dreamfuns claw machine




Baohui is also a company established in the 1990s, compared to Wahlap, its position in the international market is much lower. Perhaps it’s because it focuses mainly on the Chinese market!


Baohui is also a comprehensive manufacturer in arcade games. It does not have many well-known brands of game machines like Wahlap, since most of them are based on independent research and development. This also makes it difficult for their arcade simulators to meet the standards of the European and American markets.


Baohui’s claw machines are the main product of the company. Due to the poor operation of some foreign brands, claw machines have a lower reputation in foreign markets, but it has always had a very active customer base in China.


BaoHui claw machine





Funshare is an integrated entertainment equipment company in China that sells arcade game machines and prize vending machines, it also accepts orders for brand and venue design.
Due to the sluggish Chinese market in recent years, Funshare has also begun to explore overseas markets. The most noteworthy thing is that it has invested a lot in the marketing and promotion overseas. 


Funshare’s claw machines are not very popular, and the appearance of many equipment is quite similar to that of the claw machines produced by various companies in the domestic market. We cannot jump right into the conclusion that Funshare has copied other companies during the manufacturing process, it is possible that other companies have copied those of Funshare.


The awareness of the protection of intellectual property in China is relatively poor, this leads to the high similarity of many claw machines in the Chinese market. This is also one of the reasons for their significant difference in prices.


Many European and American customers have found that both companies are selling the same claw machine, while one is particularly expensive and one that is particularly cheap. After buying the cheaper one, they would find that its quality is quite low. This has also been a long-term issue for many European and American customers. It is very likely that two similar machines are assembled with very cheap components. Although they look similar, they have crucial differences. 


funshare claw machine


3 the store


If one uses a simple sentence to describe the products of 3 the store, then it is no exaggeration to describe her as a Porsche in a vending machine. On one hand, people say that their vending machines are expensive, but some others always express their extreme admiration to its claw machines.  


3 the store is also a well-known company of vending machines in China. The most remarkable point is that they have a strong design team. This team has defined the beauty of its claw machines. It is with no exaggeration to say that the appearance of its claw machines is the first in China, also the first in the world.


However, there are still some flaws in the most beautiful object. If your venue only needs to add a claw machine, then the products of 3 the store might not be suitable for you. When you buy the 3 the store’s claw machines, you must design and decorate a space specifically for these claw machines, otherwise you will find these claw machines unsuitable for your site. The claw machines of 3 the store are just so beautifully designed, your site might not be as compatible.


There’s still a bigger problem, and it’s the gifts inside the claw machine. Given its amazing appearance, it’s quite difficult to find gifts that suit its style. In this sense, the claw machine will lose its attractiveness, and the buyers will find it unworthy as well, as they can’t depend on it to earn profit.


If you need to open a separate game room with a vending machine, you can cooperate with 3 the store which will provide you with a one-stop service. They will help you design and decorate the entire site and the corresponding equipment. As for the price, don’t expect it to be low, but you’ll surely find it worthy.


3 the store claw machine




LiDa is also one of the more well-known arcade game manufacturers in China. However, there is a common problem among the Chinese manufacturers, that is they’re behind the information age.


You will find a lot of well-known game manufacturers in China, but in Google, Baidu and other search engines, you can find almost no information about these companies. They have never thought about raising the popularity of their brand on the Internet.


LiDa is one of the examples. I know clearly that it is a pretty outstanding manufacturer of game machines in China, but I can’t find any information about its game machines, nor claw machines on the Internet.


So, if you want to purchase their equipment, you’ll have to visit China in person.


LiDa claw machine